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Do you do fulfillment?

We excel at fulfillment. We have been doing it for 19 years and counting. Fulfillment pricing starts at 90¢ and is priced based on the number of items to be included, the complexity of the project and the use of other items such as crinkle shred, ribbon, etc. We ask for the list of items to be included, along with the dimensions of those items to get you a quote. We require a sample of each piece prior to building out the boxes, to assure all items fit perfectly, and we photograph the end result for you before proceeding. When utilizing us as your fulfillment house, you get a creative team, skilled gift makers, and a qualified shipping department that can handle thousands of drop-ship addresses.

What steps are you taking to control the spread of COVID-19 in your day to day operations?

Having been a provider of gourmet food gifts for 20 years, we have always maintained a high-standard of cleanliness and careful sanitation. We know the importance of responding to the recent Coronavirus concerns affecting our nation and are taking extra precautions in all that we do. As per our current standards of production, we have augmented our already above-standard hand washing guidelines and have employed hand sanitizing stations throughout our offices. We fully disinfect our work spaces at regular daily intervals and use sanitizing wipes as an additional measure at all our work stations frequently. We have temporarily eliminated in-person meetings with clients and have moved all interactions to online presentations and phone. We will continue to monitor the updates provided by the CDC and remain conscientious. Please email or call us if you have any additional questions or concerns. We are pleased to be able to continue serving your gifting and packaging needs.

What are your most popular wooden box and crate styles?

We offer a few styles: slide-top boxes, nesting lidded boxes, solid open crates and slatted open crates. They are all useful for differing purposes. We sell the most of our slide-top boxes because of the secure lid. Slide-top lids can be made from wood or clear acrylic. Our nesting lidded boxes are an inexpensive style, that still provide a closed box. The lids have slats underneath that hold the lid in place, but do not stay on if tipped upside down.<./p>

What decoration methods do you offer?

We offer three methods of decoration: laser engraving, fire branding, and screen printing. They all look amazing when complete, but they each have a distinct look.

Fire branding is when we use an actual cattle brand and burn the logo into the wood. This is not available on the clear acrylic. We love this look, but we always want the client to know what to expect. It creates a very rustic look and not one image will look exactly like the next. This is due to the pressure applied, the exact heat in the brand at the moment, and the amount of sap in the wood. The only time we don’t recommend this method is if the logo has fine details in the image. This method also adds 3 weeks to the lead time, so it’s not usually a great option for rush orders.

Our most popular method is laser engraving. This is a very precise method of cutting into the wood with a laser. On natural wood, the image is a shade darker. On stained wood, the image is the color of natural pine. In this case, the finished design will look almost exactly like the original image. The only difference you may see is wood grain and small wood knots.

The final method is screen printing. Not only is this our lowest priced method, but it is the only method that shows color. We have a dozen or so color ink options as well as Pantone matching for an additional cost.

How do I sell your boxes?

We love seeing all the creative ways our distributors and the end users are utilizing our boxes. We find that end users are looking for sustainable, lasting packaging. The top ways in which are boxes and crates are being used is 1) for product launches to influencers and VIP’s, 2) for gifting to clients and/or employees, 3) for display units to be filled on site, and 4) for milestone recognition projects – i.e. “50 years in business”. Being able to tell clients that we are Made in the USA, Women-owned and promote sustainable products makes the pitch even that much easier.

What is your lead time?

Our standard lead time is 7-10 business days from proof approval. Reasons that lead time may be extended is for large quantities, multiple customized features, complicated fulfillment, etc.

Do you actually sell and pack gourmet food items?

We started out as a gourmet gifting company, so yes, we will always be a great source for gourmet food gifts. If we don’t have it on our shelves, we almost surely have the resources to bring in exactly what you are looking for. We love when you ask us for unusual items, because everything out-of-the-ordinary only makes the gift more special. Want a manly gift? Looking for items to fit a fiesta theme? Need items that represent New England? Requesting only organic or gluten-free? Put us to the test.

Where are you based?

Our corporate offices and showroom are in Salt Lake City, UT. Our wood shop is nearby. We ship from both locations, depending on the project.

How can I get a sample?

We provide three types of samples:

Blank stock samples. These are priced at EQP and are shipped within a day or so. You provide a shipper # and let us know how quickly you need it.

Random samples. If we have what you are asking for on-hand, these are priced at EQP + the corresponding run charge. They often ship within one day. We do not charge a set-up on these. You provide a shipper # and let us know how quickly you need it.

Spec samples. All crate and box spec samples are custom priced, plus the decoration set-up and run charge. These are shipped within approximately 5 days with your shipper #. This is a great choice when you really feel the project is likely to come to fruition. Any set-up charges paid for the sample are waived on with the purchase order.

Virtuals are also a great option when a sample is not required. Your first virtual is at no-cost and will be provided within approximately 24 hours. For gourmet gifts, we often send the sample for tasting and approval, then provide a virtual to allow your client to visualize their logo on the item.

Are your products sustainable?

Our boxes are made out of North American Pine, one of the most sustainable types of wood because it grows so quickly. We source our pine from neighboring western states, and the short transport helps reduce our carbon footprint. To help with reforestation, we plant 10 trees for every order we receive. All of our wooden boxes as well as the bulk of the packaging for our gourmet products are recyclable.

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